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Open MRI was created to ease the anxiety associated with closed MRI scanners.  Older technology had the benefit of having open sides, giving the patient a feeling of open space.  Over time this technology has evolved into a more open, faster scanner.

One of the downsides to this old technology was it's extreme closeness to your face. During many procedures the scanner would touch the patient's body. While this was cutting edge technology it was very time consuming with most exams taking 45-55 minutes. Also due to it's low field strength the image quality was not ideal, making it difficult if not impossible to pass accreditation by the American College of Radiology.

We quickly realized most patients were bothered by how close the open sided magnets were to their face, and they were unable to lay on the exam table for such an extended period of time.  The answer....OPEN BORE technology.  At 1.5 Tesla this is the shortest, most open "high field" scanner available.  This allows us to perform the most advanced imaging applications in a comfortable open environment.  The body part of interest is placed into the center of the bore, most times leaving the patients head out of the scanner.


Our Vantage system has nearly double the head room when compared to open sided magnets.  This type of scanner design allows high resolution imaging at incredibly fast scan times.  Most exams take less than 15 minutes!  This is the future of "Open" MRI. 




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